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Respect for the environment and biodynamic cultivation
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The Marco family has been involved in viticulture since the 15th century. In 2001, the family constructed this modern winery in the middle of its vineyards, near Porrera. They show great respect for the environment by practicing biodynamic cultivation, while the semi-underground winery makes the most of the zone’s natural resources. They have tasting rooms available. ©Enoguia

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Visits and wine tourism at the Marco Abella winery

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Appetizer + taste 4 wines in wine roof + visit cellar: 36€

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Wines from the Marco Abella winery

• Clos Abella
• Mas Mallola
• Loidana
• Òlbia
• Altabella
• Roca Roja
• Roca Grisa
• El Perer

The Marco Abella winery, located in the village of Porrera in the DOQ Priorat, is considered one of the leading wineries in the region. Its privileged location at a high altitude, the terrain, and the Mediterranean climate all shape the nature of its wines. They are fresh, elegant and sophisticated – easy to drink and highly enjoyable.

There is evidence of the Marco family of winegrowers in Porrera that goes back to the fifteenth century. Winegrowing in the region had been influenced by Carthusian monks and the family has learnt, over the centuries, to make the most of the varieties that adapted so well to the Priorat: cariñena and garnatxa.

The Marco Abella winery that we know today was founded in 2005, incorporating advanced technology while continuing to produce wines that express the authentic identity of the territory and the history and essence of the region.

The building is of modern conception and architecture, with clear lines, and perfectly integrated into the landscape. The family believes in agriculture that respects the environment and therefore practices organic farming following biodynamic precepts. Biodynamic agriculture implies traditional and respectful cultivation of the vineyard and goes beyond just organic farming. They aim to produce quality wines while respecting local flora and fauna. All the work is carried out in conjunction with lunar phases and the positions of the stars. Both organic and biodynamic agriculture disallow the use of herbicides and insecticides. The fertility of the soil is always enhanced through natural methods that are mineral, organic or plant-based. To visit this winery is to really get to know biodynamic wines.

The winery has three levels and processes the wines using gravity. Two of the three levels are underground, one of which is the ageing room that is seven metres below ground level. This way, the barrels are kept at a temperature and humidity suitable for ageing the wines. After the visit, the tasting takes place in a specially equipped room with fantastic views of the undulating hills that surround the cellar. Enotourism is easy and inviting in such spacious and well-designed premises.

The altitude, terrain and orientation of the Marco Abella estates give each wine its own identity. The land provides a high level of mineralization, unique in the world and only obtained by Priorat wines. The terrain is dry and arid with an abundance of llicorella slate, typical to the Priorat. The vineyards are cultivated on terraces (costers) at an altitude of between 200 and 700 metres. These characteristics, together with the scarce rainfall, mean that the plants suffer high levels of water stress and the grapes ripen slowly, resulting in complex wines.

Marco Abella has 40 hectares of planted vineyards, spread over seven different estates: El Perer, at an altitude of 450 to 680 metres, which contains cariñena, garnatxa and Cabernet Sauvignon; La Mallola, at an altitude of 530 to 680 metres and planted with garnatxa and cariñena; La Mina, at an altitude of 450 to 500 metres, with cariñena and Cabernet Sauvignon; Masos d’en Ferran, at an altitude of 500 to 650 metres, with several varieties including cariñena, garnatxa, garnatxa blanca, macabeo, viognier and pedro ximénez; Solanes “El Coster”, at an altitude of 500 to 650 metres, which contains cariñena; La Creu, at an altitude of 450 to 550 metres, with cariñena, garnatxa, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon; and Terracuques, which is planted with the local varieties garnatxa and cariñena.

As for visits to the winery, Marco Abella offers two types: the Classic tour, which includes a visit to the winery, a tour of the El Perrer estate and the tasting of 4 wines; and the Premium tour, which includes a tour of the winery, a visit to the La Mallola estate and the tasting of 4 wines among the vineyards accompanied with a breakfast of local products.

Come and experience wine tourism at Marco Abella and discover the secrets of organic and biodynamic agriculture. Visit a family winery that was born from a passion and dedication to return to ones roots and reconnect with the past while looking to the future.

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  1. Soy Marc, os recomiendo mucho la visita a Marco Abella, especialmente la premium. Es muy buena bodega, el vino todavía mejor y la visita tiene muchas sorpresas…. Os espero en Marco Abella con mi guitarra!! 😉

  2. Una visita muy agradable, paisaje fantástico para disfrutar de los vinos con unas vistas excelentes.
    Los vinos con cuerpo y fuerza dome´sticada, fiel reflejo del terruño duro y extremo de la zona.

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