The 10 best restaurants to eat calçots in 2022

Discover the best restaurants in which to eat calçots
Discover the best restaurants in which to eat calçots
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👉 Undoubtedly, in recent years eating calçots has become a culinary experience that has gained prominence in Tarragona and which has spread throughout the country.

Although at first instance planning to go to eat onions does not seem like a very attractive idea, everything changes when it comes to eating calçots and, by extension, making a calçotada. The kilometer zero of the calçotadas is located in the town of Valls, also famous for its ‘Castells’ (human towers). It was in this locality where a farmer named Benaiges planted some onions that he covered with ground for a second time after they had grown. That is to say, he was burying them until they got their curious elongated shape.

If we also cook them in their own particular way, which is usually with vine shoots and with an open flame, and the traditional sauce… We won’t be able to stop eating calçots!

The calçot season starts in November and lasts until April. If you want to enjoy an authentic calçotada where you do not have to cook, or end up smelling like smoke, or even worry about the calçots sauce, we recommend the 10 best restaurants where you can eat calçots and make the best calçotada in 2021.

These are 10 establishments where eating calçots becomes a real ritual, places where you can enjoy an authentic calçotada with calçots PGI (Protected Geographical Indication), which guarantees that you will consume the best calçots. We also recommend the best wines and cavas to accompany this peculiar onion.

1. Cal Ganxo in Masmolets (Valls)

One of the pioneers in incorporating the calçotada in the regular menu. A place that transports us to the past between walls and stone arches. In this old but perfectly restored manor house we will be able to enjoy the classic calçotada prepared traditionally. In addition, we can buy the calçots sauce packaged and ready for consumption.

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There’s a particular activity we recommend to make room for the calçotada. The proposal is to visit the winery Mas Bella, also located in the small town of Masmolets and discover its DO Tarragona wines.

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 Calçotada menu
– Calçots with traditional sauce
– Barbecue: lamb, sausage and black butiffara
– Side dish of ‘ganxet’ beans and artichokes
– Desserts: Catalan cream with carquinyoli and orange with sweet wine
– Bread, wine and Brut Nature cava
Price: 41 € (VAT incl.)


2. Masia Fontscaldes restaurant (Valls)

Very close to the previous restaurant is the one that has been the talk of the town in recent years in regards to their calçotadas, ranking among the best. The traditional-style restaurant is located in the tiny village of Fontscaldes. In its spacious facilities you can enjoy the traditional calçotada without limit of calçots, always cooked directly with vine shoots.

As an aperitif you will get to taste the excellent Yzaguirre vermouth. If you want to visit and learn how they elaborate their vermouths you can do it before the calçotada and you will have a full day.
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Calçotada menu
– Yzaguirre vermouth tasting
– Unlimited calçots with traditional sauce
– Grilled barbecue: lamb, sausage, bacon, blood sausage and grilled chorizo
– Endive salad
– Desserts: Catalan cream and orange with sweet wine
– Toasted bread, white wine, red whine and Brut Nature cava
– Mineral waters, coffee, cortado, infusions and orujo shot
Price: 39 € (VAT incl.)


3. El Vinyet restaurant (Vila-rodona)

The most intimate calçotada. This is how we could define the calçotada in the restaurant el Vinyet, a small restaurant that does not admit groups of more than 25 people. It is the ideal place in which to enjoy a calçotada as a couple or with a small group. You can also make a calçotada à la carte, having calçots as a first course and a second course of your choice.

To complement the experience of this calçotada, we recommend that you taste an excellent local wine and visit the Sanromà winery. You can also walk around the village, climb up to its castle or go down to its river, the Gaià.
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Calçotada menu
– Calçots with traditional sauce
– Barbecue: lamb, sausage and black butifarra
– Accompanied by ‘ganxet’ beans, artichoke and potato
– Desserts: Catalan cream and an orange
– Wine, cava and coffee
Price: Consult us



4. Cal Mosso restaurant (Aiguamúrcia – Santes Creus)

Calçotadas in a family atmosphere next to the Monastery of Santes Creus in an old manor house. The restaurant has a well-deserved reputation for its calçot sauce, which they have prepared traditionally for the last 20 years. They have several dining rooms with a rustic atmosphere.

It is a must to visit the Royal Monastery of Santa Maria de Santes Creus, a monastery of the Cistercian order in which some kings of the Crown of Aragon are buried. And, if you want to discover the wines of the area, you can visit the Visendra winery, in the nearby village of Les Pobles.
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Calçotada menu
– Homemade vermouth appetizer and dried sausage
– Calçots with traditional sauce
– Grilled barbecue: sausage, black butifarra
– Side dish: artichokes and ‘ganxet’ beans
– Desserts: Catalan cream and orange with sugar
– Coffee, cortado and infusions
Price: 40 € (VAT incl.) 


5. Casa Fèlix restaurant (Valls)

One of the classics in the world of calçots, having contributed significantly to making calçotadas in restaurants what they are today. It is worth remembering that originally the calçotadas were only carried out in the masias of friends or relatives and that the shift to restaurants occurred during the 70s.

It has up to 500 seats and is a benchmark and emblem of the world of calçots. It has private dining rooms located in large wine barrels.

Before lunch, it is worth discovering the old town of Valls, kilometer zero of the ‘Castells’ and origin of the calçotada. We recommend that you visit the facilities of the cooperative and discover the Xat de Benaiges wine, made in honor of the farmer who created the cultivation of calçots.
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Calçotada menu
– Calçots with traditional sauce
– Grilled sausage with beans
– Grilled lamb meat with aioli and side dish
– Catalan cream
– Alt Camp wine, cava and coffee
Price: 38,50 € (VAT incl.)


6. Les Espelmes restaurant (Valls)

Eating calçots with excellent views of the entire Alt Camp region is the main attraction of this restaurant located at the top of Coll de Lilla, between Valls and Montblanc. Thus, eating calçots in the traditional way becomes a delight for the palate… as well as for the eyes.

Before arriving at the restaurant we can visit the ducal town of Montblanc and its walls. Additionally, we can get to know the Tower of Tastings and discover the wines of the winery Vins de Pedra.
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Calçotada menu
– Calçots with traditional sauce
– Barbecue: lamb, sausage, black butifarra
– Side dish of beans and artichokes
– Desserts: Catalan cream and orange
– Bread, mineral waters, red wine, cava and coffee
Price: 45 € (VAT incl.)


7. Casa Gurí restaurant (La Masó)

Another small rural area near Valls with a family restaurant located in an old but completely restored house where one can enjoy a good calçotada. During the calçot season, this restaurant offers the traditional calçotada, which you can enjoy inside or outdoors, without rushing nor taking turns.

The village of La Masó, as you will see, is tiny. Before going to do the calçotada, we suggest that you discover the wines of the area or, if you prefer, try an escape room; maybe even both at the sime time. In the Cellers Blanch of Puigpelat, you will be able to test your wits to solve the mysteries of the escape room. Do you dare?
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Calçotada menu
– Unlimited calçots with traditional sauce
– Grilled barbecue: Lamb, sausage and black butifarra
– Side dish of ‘ganxet del Milà’ beans, artichokes and baked potato.
– Desserts: Catalan cream with hazelnut carquinyolis, orange with sugar and cinnamon
Carles Andreu Brut Nature Cava, coffee and snaps
Price: 41,8 € (VAT incl.)


8. Masia del Pla (El Pla de Santa Maria)

A classic of the area in the making of the calçotada. Located on the outskirts of the village, it is an old roadside restaruant converted into an emblematic establishment in which to enjoy the calçot festival. They have different lounges and can host large events such as weddings or banquets. And they have the vegetarian calçotada menu, in which they replace the barbecue for other dishes suitable for vegetarians.

And in this case, before you enjoy your meal, we suggest that you discover the Casa del Vermut Padró from Bráfim, at a distance of just 15 minutes from the restaurant. There you will enjoy a unique sensory experience while getting to know how quality vermouth is made.
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Calçotada menu
– Calçots with traditional sauce
– Barbecue: lamb, sausage and black butifarra
– Side dish of artichoke, baked potato and beans
– Desserts: caramelised Catalan cream and orange
– Bread, water, wine and Brut Nature cava
– Coffee or infusion
Price: 39 € (VAT incl.)


9. Can Cortada restaurant (Barcelona)

Although we have practiced the calçotada for several decades in certain areas of the province of Tarragona, this culinary festival has spread to many places, being able to eat calçots in places like Barcelona. > Book at the restaurant

Of the many places in which to raise your arm to bring sweet onions to your moth, we recommend the Can Cortada restaurant, an old Catalan masia declared Artistic Heritage of Barcelona and located in the heart of the natural park of Collserola.

 Calçotada menu
– Calçots with traditional sauce
– Barbecue: lamb, chistorra, black butifarra and butifarra from la Garriga
– Side dish of beans and baked potato
– Desserts: Catalan cream
– Bread, water and wine
– Coffee, decaf or infusion
Price: 40 € (VAT incl.) 


10. Calsot restaurant (Hoyo de Manzanares – Madrid)

Another location of interest, far away from the kilometer zero of the calçots, is the Calsot restaurant in Madrid, written just as it sounds, where they specialize in this delicacy.

The calçots arrive every 15 days directly from Valls and they are cooked traditionally, that is to say, on an open fire, although not wine vine shoots, but with pine branches. The success is such that it is advisable to book a table well in advance.

Calçotada menu
– Salad
– Toast with tomato and with white butifarra, black butifarra and fuet
– Calçots with traditional sauce
– Barbecue: rabbit, lamb, white butifarra, black butifarra and chicken
Price: 24 € (VAT incl.)


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