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The secrets of the Torres Family in the Priorat
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The Torres winery is located in the very heart of the County of Priorat, close to the village of Lloar, in an area of steep black hills of llicorella slate, where they have been growing vines for the past eight centuries and produce wines that are intense, deep, and rich in minerals.

The wines made by Torres are a homage to the monks who first arrived in the Priorat region in 1195. This modern energy-efficient winery, built by the architect Miquel Espinet in 2008, is surrounded by spectacular scenery.

Explore every facet of wine in Familia Torres Priorat, in a visit that allows you to discover the history and essence of this region. ©Enoguia


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• Perpetual
• Salmos
• Mas de la Rosa Vinyes Velles
• Secret del Priorat

The name Familia Torres is known the world over and associated with famous wines that are produced and elaborated in numerous wineries across the continents.

Among the various winemaking centers, is the winery owned by the Torres family in the Priorat region, located very close to the municipality of El Lloar.

The winery is nestled between gentle rolling hills that contrast with the steep rocks of the Sierra del Montsant at the bottom of the valley. Designed by architect Miquel Espinet, it has simple, clean lines and is a building with the most advanced renewable energy production systems.

The history of the family goes back to 1870 when Jaime Torres, after making his fortune in Cuba, returned to his native Penedès and founded Bodegas Torres y Cía in order export wines that the family had been making in the Penedès area since the 17th century to the American colony.

In 1939, during the Spanish Civil War, the winery in Vilafranca del Penedès was partially destroyed by aerial bombardment. The following year, reconstruction began and the family started selling bottled wine under their own brand name.

By 1979, the Torres Family had begun activity in Chile, this being the company’s first venture into international territory. In 1982, their first vineyard was planted in California and the company began to gain worldwide fame with different accolades such as: “the Most Important Winery in Spain”, according to the American magazine Wine Spectator, the “Award for Best European Winery” given by the American magazine Wine Enthusiast, the “European Brand of wine most recognized worldwide” in the ‘The Power 100’ ranking of the British magazine Intangible Business and the “Brand of Wines most admired in the world” according to the British magazine Drinks International.

Today, the winery continues to be a family business with a presence in over 150 countries around the world.

The El Lloar winery is located in idyllic surroundings, ringed by hills of llicorella slate, and under the direction of Mireia Torres, a fifth-generation member of the family.

During the visit, you will have the opportunity to see Torres’ commitment to the DOQ Priorat. The visit begins with a walk among the vineyards where you will learn about the traditional varieties – garnatxa and cariñena – and see vines that are up to 100 years old. The extreme climate of the area, together with the llicorella terrain, gives Priorat wines great minerality as well as correct acidity. This allows for good evolution in bottle.

Your visit continues in the main building, which has advanced production systems designed to respect the environment and use renewable energy. You will see the grape reception room, the vinification room and the ageing room. Finally, accompanied by an expert sommelier guide, you will move to the large tasting room where looking through the windows is like contemplating a huge painted canvas.

Here you will taste wines that are born in the heart of the Priorat: Salmos, a wine that pays tribute to the Carthusian monks who arrived in the region almost a millennium ago, and Perpetual, a wine that reminds us of those that are capable of vanquishing time.

In the Priorat winery, the Torres Family also makes the most expensive wine in all its history: the exclusive Mas de la Rosa Vinyes Velles, with 2000 bottles made from vines that are more than 75 years old.

Come and soak yourself in the Priorat’s ancient history, experience wine tourism in one of the most important wineries in Spain, and live a unique adventure in the Familia Torres winery at El Lloar.

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3 reviews

  1. Un clásico en el Priorat

    Visita enoturística de primer nivel. Ya conocía la mayoría de vinos de Torres pero me faltaba el Priorat y 4 amigos nos fuimos una mañana.
    La visita no nos defraudó, espectacular bodega enclavada en medio de viñas perfectamente cuidadas, proceso de elaboración respetuoso con el medio ambiente y para finalizar, después de la cata una visita al pequeño pueblo del Lloar.

  2. Visita provechosa

    Sin duda una mañana de lo más provechosa: paseo por las viñas, visita a la bodega y cata de los poderosos vinos del Priorat, bien domesticados, con fuerza y buena estructura.

  3. Visita muy interesante para conocer donde se producen uno de los mejores vinos del mundo, alabado por la crítica pero lo más importante, también por el público entre los que me incluyo.
    No pongo 5 estrellas por que quizás le falta algo de pasión a la visita, pero la chica hacía poco que había empezado y seguiro que mejora con el tiempo… como el vino!

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