Agrícola d’Ulldemolins

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A different oil-turism visit
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   132.000 L
   21 ha

At Agrícola d’Ulldemolins they produce and market extra virgin olive oil of the Arbequina variety of organic and integrated production. The careful process of harvesting the olives, making and extracting them in the cold, makes it easy to obtain a natural, fruity olive juice without any organoleptic defect. Being a member of the DOP Siurana, guarantees that our oil ‘Oli La Llena’ is a high quality product.

Also elaborates the ‘Wines of Silence’ protected by the DO Montsant. The farmers grow native varieties such as Grenache Black, White Grenache or Macabeo in poor soils of quarries, licorella and limestone which, together with the microclimate of the area, allow them to obtain wines with their own character and a particular and unique terroir.

They have an Agrobotiga where you can find their products, as well as others in the village and the region.


• Olive Oil turism visits
• To arrange visit
• Saturdays & sundays: 11h
 4€ / 1h
 2 Oils
  5 min – 15 max

• Sssssshhhhhh
• Les Pedrenyeres Blanc
• Les Pedrenyeres Negre
• La Llena Olive Oil

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2 reviews

  1. Muy interesante conocer como se elabora un aceie de la zona, q cuenta con mucho prestigio. Y la tienda pueds comprar productos locales, vinos… recomiendo luego caminsr x la zona de sant bartomeu y disfrutar de la naturaleza

  2. Visita profitosa

    Modesta cooperativa però que ofereix una gran qualitat en els seus vins. Els olis són de gran qualitat.
    La visita al poblé i la cooperativa es pot compaginar amb alguna ruta pels voltants, nosaltres vam anar a vore la coveta de l ‘heure.

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