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Family winery located in the village of Gandesa (DO Terra Alta). They have been working the land and making wine for over a hundred years. They are artisans, committed to the land they live in. Agroecology and hands that care for the land. Honest and sincere wines. Traditional varieties and dry land landscapes. They also make extra virgin olive oil and offer wine tourism activities.

  60.000     20 ha

Visits and wine tourism at the Bàrbara Forés winery 

• To arrange visit
• Monday to saturday 9 to 13h – 15 to 18h
• Sunday: take advice

• Visit + wine tasting 2 wines: 10€ / 45’h
• Visit + wine tasting 4 wines: 14€ / 1:15h
• Visit vineyards + winery + tasting 4 wines: 18€ / 2h30′

  CA / ES / EN / FR
  1 min – 15 max

Activities at the Bàrbara Forés winery

In addition to the organised visits, the Bàrbara Forés winery organises a series of activities throughout the year, such as:

Spring tasting at the Bàrbara Forés winery.

This is a special tasting that takes place at the Sendroseta Property, the plot where the Abrisa’t white Garnatxa Blanca was born in the middle of spring and coinciding with Easter. During the activity, 6 wines are tasted and it has a duration of 3 hours.

Autumn tasting at the Bàrbara Forés winery

This activity is part of the Battle of the Ebro. It is a tour of three different areas: La Serra de Pàndols, La Obaga de Tomaset, where the vines of Morenillo Lo Templari and En Movimiento Ancestral grow, and the winery itself.  An experience that combines history, agriculture, landscape and wines. It takes place during the Pont de la Inmaculada. Tasting of 5 wines and Empeltre Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Duration of the activity 4 hours.

Footprint and Seed. Poetry and Wines

The Serra de Pàndols and in the background three voices that are releasing poems like someone scattering seeds in the hope that they will germinate and bear the desired fruit. The organic movement of three bodies that mix poetry, wine and nature at La Obaga de Tomaset, among vineyards, woods and mountains. Beauty. The awakening of the senses. Shared emotion. The meeting, inhabiting the culture, the continuous singing of the birds that caressed the landscape and the footprint.

An activity carried out by Maria Miró Ferré, Judit Ulldemolins Blanch and Pili Sanmartín Ferrer: harmonies between literature and the wild wines born of freedom: Bàrbara Forés In Movement. Surrounded by vines, these stem-women, root-women, leaf-women… will read wines and taste poems at the foot of the Serra de Pàndols.

Wines from the Bàrbara Forés winery 

• Blanc Bàrbara Forés
• Rosat Bàrbara Forés
• Negre Bàrbara Forés
• El Templari
• El Quintà
• Coma d’en Pou
• Dolç
• Abrisa’t
• Bàrbara Forés en Moviment

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2 reviews

  1. visitar barbara fores ha sido una experiencia perfecta. lo hicimos en 2 partes. primero visita a las viñas para catar los blancos y luego vuelta a la bodega para ver la antigua bodega situada en pleno centro del pueblo, donde la familia lleva elaborando vino durante años y años. allí catamos los excelentes vinos tintos y hablamos de forma distendida aprendiendo sobre la elaboración de estos vinos tan especiales.

  2. Visita guiada maravillosa atentidos por la Carme. Los vinos espectaculares. buen ambiente.

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