Cooperativa d’Alforja

Visitable mll during the grinding season
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50.000 L

Founded in 1954, the Alforja Co-operative, due to its natural conditions and along with its history and traditions, has been an excellent area for the development of a type of agriculture in which traditional methods are still after centuries. On the last Sunday in November, the Oil Festival takes place. ©Enoguia

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 1 Oil
 2 min – 25 max

• Alforja Oli d’Oliva 5 L
• Alforja Oli d’Oliva 2 L
• Alforja Oli d’Oliva 750 ml
• Alforja Oli d’Oliva 250 ml

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Av. Catalunya, 29 43365 Alforja
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