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  1.000 L
  20 ha

The legacy of over 200 years working in winemaking, this vinicultural project reaches the present time totally renewed and full of enthusiasm. Local grape varieties are the protagonists here. You can visit the winery and partake in the Vins a la Trinxera (Wines in the Trenches) experience, mixing wine with history to visit the trenches of the Battle of the Ebro. ©Enoguia


  To arrange visit

• Visit cellar + tasting: 5€ / 1h30′
• Visit with ‘Wines in the Trench: 15€ / 2h

  CA / ES / EN / FR
    3 Wines
  2 mín – 25 màx
  Visit vineyards

• Labrunet de Frisach Blanc
• Labrunet de Frisach Rosat
• Labrunet de Frisach Negre
• La Foradada de Frisach
• Frisach Vernatxa
• Sang de Corb
• Les Alifares de Frisach

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