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It all began at the foot of the walls of Montblanc: it was here that Marta, an oenology student, started out in the world of wine. Today, she produces wines as unique pieces and year after year their labels reflect the artwork of Víctor Pedra, Marta’s uncle. You can enjoy a wine tasting surrounded by the ancient stones of one of the towers along the wall of Montblanc. If you want to stay, we recommend Cal Pere de l’Onclet.

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Visits and wine tourism in the Vins de Pedra winery

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Wines from the Vins de Pedra winery

• L’Orni
• Trempat
• La Musa
• Blanc de Folls
• Negre de Folls

Travel to the Middle Ages for a unique experience of enotourism and wine tasting inside a medieval tower. This is the idea of Vins de Pedra, literally meaning both Wines of Stone and Wines of the Pedra family. This winery, run by Marta Pedra, is located in the ducal town of Montblanc that falls within the appellation DO Conca de Barberà.

The history of this winery is one of passion for the world of wine that goes back several generations. The great-grandfather of the Pedra family was already an oenologist, and in 1982 Marta’s parents bought some land and planted their first vines. There she learned about the vineyard and lived in close contact with the world of wine. Years later, while studying agricultural engineering, she met her current partner Josep, descendant of an important family of winegrowers from the Empordà region. Marta eventually recovered the family vineyard and in 2010 set up her own winery in the Conca de Barberà region. Currently, the winery has 6 hectares of vineyards from which it produces 20,000 bottles a year.

The Torre de Tastos (Tasting Tower) offers a very interesting experience, although no grapes are harvested or vinified here, as that process happens on the estate where the vineyards are. In a watchtower along the ancient town walls, you will learn about the history of the family, which is intertwined with the history of Montblanc itself.

Going up the seven floors of the tower, with a glass of wine in her hand, Marta tells stories and anecdotes of the family. Once at the top you can drink in the magnificent views of the medieval town. According to Marta, “The wine tastes different when you are among stones”, and during this visit you may discover that sharing a bottle of wine among medieval stones can make you see your surroundings in a new light.

In the tasting you will discover wines such as Blanc de Folls, Negre de Folls, L’Orni or La Musa, and the winery’s latest addition: Trempat, which, as you can guess from the name, is made from 100% single-variety trepat grapes, the variety native to this region.

Victor Pedra, Marta’s uncle and a famous painter and sculptor, illustrates the all the wine labels – usually with figures of women and animals. These labels have received various awards and the bottles themselves have become works of art that are updated each year.

Depending on the time of year you visit the winery, you can engage in different types of wine tourism. During the harvest season from September to October, you can participate in an activity called ‘verema i fermenta’ or ‘harvest and ferment’ in which, apart from harvesting, you can take part in grape-treading and grape-pressing using old manual presses. At Christmas, you will receive a bottle of the wine you helped to make.

During the calçotada season – November to April, when a seasonal Catalan variety of spring onion is consumed in large quantities with a special dip and barbecued meats – you can experience the food festivities among the vineyards. You will start the day with a walk around Montblanc, followed by a visit to the Tasting Tower, and ending on the family estate where the calçotada will be celebrated, accompanied by wines from the Pedra winery.

The regular visit lasts approximately one hour, and four wines are tasted.

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4 reviews

  1. Visita excepcional de la mà d’en Carles. Un magnífic recorregut per la història de Montblanc en un recinte que et transporta a altres temps.
    Boniques vistes de la Conca desde la part més alta de la torre.
    Els vins de Vins de Pedra excel.lents, com sempre…

  2. Vins excelents i la Torre increïble.

  3. Un recuerdo involvidable

    Conocer un proyecto joven y a la vez maduro que lleva los vinos a las más altas cotas de calidad siempre es un placer… además si tienes la suerte de que Víctor Pedra te ilustre una de las botellas, te llevas un tesoro de lo más preciado. Un record inovidable. Gràcies Marta!

  4. Bodega y pueblo de Montblanc de 10!

    Hace tiempo de nuestra visita, pero no quería dejar de explicar que nuestra experiencia un sábado por la mañana fue muy enriquecedora. No recuerdo el nombre de nuestra anfitriona pero todo fue muy ilustrativo, desde la explicacion de los orígenes dela bodega hasta acceder a la torre medieval y llegar a la azotea para descubrir Montblanc desde lo alto.
    Luego estuvimos caminando por el pueblo visitando varias iglesias y sus murallas para comer en el restaurante Mallol… esto úlitmo no fue lo mejor del día, una comida aceptable. Pero la visita a la bodega y la visita al pueblo es de 10!

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