Celler Pascona

DO Montsant
A winery with tipicity and character
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 1.000 L
 25 ha

A familiar winery with old roots and where respect for nature is reflected in genuine wines with character. The wine making process is manual, with barely a chemical product used, and the lunar calendar is followed. Explore the Celler Pascona surrounded by a sea of vineyards that began to take shape here in 1827 and enjoy a relaxed tour and tasting session. ©Enoguia

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 Visit + tasting + guided route: 15€ / 1h 30′
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   4 Wines
  2 min – 20 max
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• Pascona Clàssic
• Trencaclosques
• La Germana de Pascona
• Lo Petitó de Pascona
• Lo Pare de Pascona
• La Mare de Pascona
• La Maria Ganxa
• Les Dos Reines (ed. limitada)
• L’Home del Sac

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2 reviews

  1. Vinos interesantes.

    Bodega rodeada de viñas. Vinos interesantes por su frescura y carácter moderno. Algunas apuestas algo arriesgadas per interesantes. El edificio de la bodega puede mejorar la zona de atención y cata.

  2. Aire fresc al món del vi

    Viticultors de tota la vida de la zona. En Toni fa uns vins moderns. Aire fresc i modern al man del vi.

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Camí dels Fontanals, s/n 43730 Falset
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