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A winery that revolutionized the Priorat
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A family cellar located between ecological vines that elaborates high quality, high expression wines. Visit the vineyard, which seems like a magnificent slate amphitheatre, and discover the passion and soul of the wines that revolutionized the DOQ Priorat. Explore a pioneering winery that strives to ensure its wines are a faithful expression of the land they come from. ©Enoguia

50.000  2.000 L  50 ha

Visits and wine tourism at the Clos Mogador winery

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• Visita: 10h and 15:30h
• Mondays, fridays and saturdays
 35€ / 3h
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   4 Wines
  2 min – 8 max
  Visit vineyards

Wines and olive oils from the Clos Mogador winery

• Clos Mogador
• Com Tu
• Manyetes
• Nelín Blanco
• La Quinta Essència Mogador
• Clos Mogador Aceite de Oliva

Clos Mogador tells the story of a passion that was born in the seventies, when a few ‘crazies’ began to transform a poor and remote region into one of the most famous winegrowing areas in the world.

To speak of Clos Mogador is to evoke highly limited edition wines, elaborated according to strict criteria for organic agriculture that maintains ecological harmony in the environment. To practice wine tourism in Clos Mogador is to discover a little corner of Gratallops in which the history of the Priorat was forever changed.

The Barbier family arrived in Spain in 1880, fleeing from a phylloxera epidemic that destroyed 1500 hectares of vineyards in Le Martinet, in southeastern France. Leon Barbier founded the first winery in Tarragona, naming it René Barbier, after his son.

Almost a century later, a young 20-year-old René (a fourth-generation Barbier), and his wife Isabelle Meyer, arrived in Gratallops in search of a new life. René began to work for the Rioja winery Palacios Remondo, where he met Álvaro Palacios and together they initaited the adventure of making wine in the Priorat region. Little by little, they began to uncover the hidden gem of the centenarian vineyards.

Slowly, things began to change. The vines were no longer uprooted and local winegrowers began to see their work valued. Thanks to these pioneers, Priorat wine (until then known for being harsh, mediocre stuff) began to make a name for itself.

In 1979 René bought his first farm with a loan from his father-in-law, and began to revive the vineyards while also working to renovate the ruin that would later become his home. René convinced some of his friends to also buy abandoned estates in the area, and together they fostered the ‘crazy’ idea of producing quality wine using traditional and organic methods.

By 1989 this group of “pioneers of the Priorat” included, in addition to René and Álvaro, Jose Luis Pèrez (Clos Martinet winery), Carles Pastrana (Clos de l’Obac winery) and Daphne Glorian (Clos Erasmus winery). That year they produced the wine together and the following year each one began to vinify separately. It was then that Robert Parker, the famous wine critic, noticed the quality of their wines and started rating them very highly. Clos Mogador became a legend.

Much of the secret to the success of Clos Mogador’s wines is due to the techniques and rigorous organic treatments they apply to the vineyards. Their viticulture is characterized by a wide diversity, in which the vines coexist with aromatic herbs, olive and fruit trees, etc., which complement and enrich the vineyard. All their estates are harvested manually.

Clos Mogador wines are certified as Vi de Finca, which guarantees that the wine comes from a single estate that has very particular characteristics of terroir and climate.

You can discover the secrets of this pioneering winery by visiting Clos Mogador. The tour begins with a visit to the estates (by vehicle), after which you will see the winery and learn about their winemaking and elaboration processes. Finally, there will be a wine tasting as well as a tasting of the olive oil they produce.

The whole tour lasts three hours and during that time you will be able to learn about the history of this family winery that, in its day, changed the destiny of an entire region.

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10 reviews

  1. Visita de las que hacen historia… por el mucho tiempo que llevo esperando este momento y porque visitar Clos Mogador es visitar la historia viva del Priroat. La visita no decepciona, ver como tratan y miman todo el proceso te pone los pelos de punta y el momento álgido llega con la cata de los vinos que como digo, han marcado y siguen marcando la historia de esta pequeña región vinícola que elabora vinos de la ma´s alta calidad posible.
    Una visita que tendré siempre en mi recuerdo!
    muchas gracias por todo

  2. Molt bona faena de Josep, amb explicacions molt completes, il.lustratives i sempre mantenint l’interés de tots.

    Una història molt bonica, i uns vins espectaculars i molt especials. Inoblidable!!!

  3. Increíble.
    Una gran experiència.
    La visita per les vinyes, amb la classe magistral del Josep ha estat molt enriquidora.
    La historia de les dos famílies, la Barbier i la dels 5 bojos del Priorat.
    El tast dels 4 vins, l’oli i del pa de vi ha estat de 10.
    He après molt!!!
    Molt recomanable de visitar.

  4. Una gran experienciaa! La visita fue muy extensa e interesante.. el guia espectacular y los vinos… Uau!!

  5. Gran bodega!!!!

  6. A unique experience.

    Our three-hour visit in the celler have been awesome, without doubt my best experience in a long time. If you are looking for something special this is the visit. Each euro paid is worth it. You’ll visit some extraordinary cellars and landscapes, and what can I say about the wine that’s not already been said?
    A great experience for the senses.

  7. Still the best

    This is our third visit to Spain visiting wine cellars. I tasted their wines in Belgium and had clear it was the moment to visit this fantastic cellar. The experience was marvelous. Josep, our guide, treated us wonderfully and the wines keep staying on check with our expectations. Winelovers! This is your destination.

  8. Fantastic Xperience!

    Visita guiada muy buena, todo muy bien. Clos Mogador es visita perfecta y probar sus vinos un sueño. Fantastic experience and great tour and highly recommended!

  9. Uno de los mejores vinos del mundo!

    Fuimos un día entre semana para poder disfrutar sin prisas y reservamos com mucha antelación. la visita no defrauda y por fin he cumplido el sueño de conocer in situ uno de los mejores vinos de España y seguro que del mundo!

  10. Vinos que siguen dando que hablar

    Al principio te parece que 3 horas van a ser largas en la visita a Clos Mogador, pero al final hasta se te hacen cortas! El guía muy atento, conoce a fondo su profesión y te lo traslada.
    Muy interesante la clase práctica sobre el terreno de hierbas aromáticas y ver luego durante la cata como estos aromas herbales se trasladan a los vinos.
    Sin duda la mejor visita de todas las que hemos realizado en el Priorat.

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