Essència de Lluna

Artisan work and lunar calendar.
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Discover Essència Cellar, visiting their centennial vineyards caressed with passion and hard work. During the visit to the cellar you will be able to taste the artisanal wines elaborated following the lunar calendar. Their wines are suitable for vegetarians and vegans. This is the compromise of the cellar with the to bring an sustainable and healthy nutrition.

 8000     6 Ha

  Arrange visit
  5€ / 1h30′
  CA / ES / EN
   3 wines + tubs
  2 min – 15 max
  Vineyards visit

– Essència de lluna blanc cupatge
– Essència de lluna 100% Ganatxa Blanca
– Essència de lluna Negre
– Essència de lluna Rosat

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⚠️ Due to COVID-19 visiting hours can be subject to change
C. Carniseries, 5 Gandesa (43780)
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