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A terroir, a variety, a wine
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Two historic families from the Priorat region have united on this project, giving rise to a winery that produces wines which are faithful to their home region. Their motto is, “one estate, one variety, one wine”. The winery produces two wines with very limited production runs but which offer top quality.

  10.000     300 L     7 ha

Visits and wine tourism at the Balaguer i Cabré winery

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Wines and oils from the Balaguer i Cabré winery

• Cèrcol Daurat 2014
• La Guinardera 2016
• Lluna Vella 2015
• Parhelia 2021
• Ruella 2020
• Oli d’Oliva

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  1. Muy buena visita. Atención personalizada, si te interesa romper con la cata habitual de vinos, os lo recomiendo!!!!

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