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DO Priorat
The union of Priorat co-operatives
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You can also sample and purchase its products in the Agroshop in Gratallops.

  250.000      50.000 L     210 haº

Visits and wine tourism at the Vinícola del Priorat winery 

• From this 1 of July, all the visits at the cellar will have to be with previous reservation
• Weekends & holidays: visits to 10:30 & 12h
• Mondays to Fridays: previous reservation 2 days before
• Open during the verema (vintage)
• January: open for groups of more than 6 people with prior reservation
 9€ / 1h 30′
   3 Wineries
  CA / ES / EN
  1 min – 25 max

Wines and olive oil frol the Vinícola del Priorat winery 

• Ònix Clàssic
• Ònix Clàssic Blanc
• Ònix Fusió
• Ònix Evolució
• Ònix Selecció – Vi de Vila
• Clos Gebrat Jove
• Clos Gebrat +
• Clos Gebrat Criança
• El Macià
• Gratallops Vi de Vila
• La Simó
• La Vilella Baixa Vi de Vila
• La Vilella Alta Vi de Vila
• El Lloar Vi de Vila
• Lo Bonet
• L’Obaga
• L’Obaga Rosat
• Mas dels Frares
• Mas dels Frares Ranci
• Mas dels Frares Vermut
• Mas dels Frares Dolç
• Molí Nou
• Pedra de Molí
• Oleum Priorat Elixir
• Oleum Priorat Organic

Vinícola del Priorat is a cooperative that brings together 140 Priorat producers who collectively own approximately 200 hectares of vineyards and more than 300 hectares of olive trees. It is the result of a union of several co-ops in the area that, in 1991, decided to join forces to compete better on the market and to make a qualitative leap in terms of wine and olive oil production.

Thanks to this alliance, the cooperative currently exports the wines they produce – from low-yield vineyards planted on llicorella soil – to more than 25 countries. Some of the vineyards you can visit are more than 60 years old.

The cooperative operates in the DOQ Priorat region, within the so-called historical Priorat, an area directly linked to the ancient lands under custody of the Prior of the Carthusian Monastery of Scala Dei.

During your visit to the Vinícola del Priorat you will learn how a cooperative made up of various smaller cooperatives is managed. You will also discover how small vineyards and plots with a complex orography work, observing the estates with large slopes (costers) and the terraces cut into them to make steep gradients cultivable.

The wines produced here, which your can taste and the end of the tour, are made using slow fermentation and long maceration, which gives them complexity and excellent structure.

In terms of wine tourism, you can choose between several options. In the Gratallops winery you can do either a Tast Express – a quick tasting of three wines – or a more leisurely tour where, apart from the tasting, you will learn about all the winemaking process.

In addition to wine tourism, you can also try ‘oil tourism’, where you will discover the secrets behind the region’s excellent olive oils. To do so, you will visit the Molí Nou (New Mill), located in Vilella Alta. This oil press was jointly built by the village cooperatives of Gratallops, el Lloar, Vilella Alta and Vilella Baixa.

Olive oil tourism will also allow you to travel back in time by visiting the Molí Vell, or Old Mill, where you will see how a mechanized stone press from the beginning of the 20th century worked.

At the end of the tour you will discover the flavors and aromas of extra virgin olive oils made from the local arbequina variety… and all of this is possible just a short, two-hour journey away from Barcelona!

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  1. Vem visitar les vinyes i ens van fer una explicació de l’historia, dels processos i del que es fa actualment.

  2. la Agrobotiga es perfecta para la compra de productos locales y el vino y aceite de las cooperativas del OPriorat.
    Recomendamos la visita a la Vinícola???????? y luego pasear por el tranquilo pueblo de Gratallops

  3. Hicimos una visita que no teníamos prevista. Nos acercamos el sábado por la mañana y visitamos parte de las instalaciones pudiendo ver como entraban uvas, llegaban los tractores… y luego a comprar algún vino en la tienda..

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