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Making wines since 1851
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Tradition and innovation in winemaking since 1851. Visiting their facilities is a journey back in time, watching the wines being produced on tiers and traditional soleras, while also admiring the foudres and bocois. You will also discover how their famous sacramental wine is made. ©Enoguia

  1.000.000     150 ha

Visits and wine tourism at the De Muller winery

  To arrange visit. Only weekends.
  15€ / 1h30′
  CA / ES / EN
   5 Wines
  15 minimum
  Visit vineyards

Wines, cavas and vermuts from the De Muller winery

• Solimar Blanco
• Solimar Rosado
• Solimar Tinto
• Muscat Seco
• Chardonnay
• Syrah
• Merlot
• Cabernet
• Porpores
• Priorat Legítim Criança
• Priorat Les Puses Criança
• Priorat Lo Cabaló Reserva
• Terramar Priorat
• Espumoso Mas de Valls Brut
• Espumoso Mas de Valls Brut Nature
• Espumoso Reina Violant
• Espumoso Muscat
• Espumoso Pinot Noir
• Espumoso Chardonnay
• Vino de Misa Dulce Superior
• Vino de Misa Blanco Seco
• Vino de Misa Dulce Moscatel
• Moscatel Oro
• Moscatel Añejo
• Moscatel Ruby
• Rancio Seco
• Solera 1851 Pajarete Augusto DM
• Solera 1865 Priorato Dom Juan Fort
• Solera 1904 Asoleado Muy Viejo
• Solera 1918 Priorato Dom Berenguer
• Solera 1926 Garnacha
• Solera 1926 Moscatel Rancio
• Vermut Iris Blanco
• Vermut Iris Dorado
• Vermut Iris Rojo
• Vermut Reserva

The De Muller winery was founded in 1851 by August De Muller and Ruinart de Brimont, a well-known family of winemakers from the Alsace, who saw that the province of Tarragona had great potential for planting vines and producing wine. For four generations the De Muller family was one of the region’s leading wine companies, both commercially and technologically. In fact, in the year 1925 they installed the first industrial refrigeration chamber in Spain, intended mainly for sacramental wines, and became suppliers to Popes from Pius X to John XXIII as well as supplying the Spanish Royal Family. In 1995, the Martorell family bought the winery and adopted the traditional methods of the region in order to achieve maximum quality in their wines.

Initially, the winery was located in Tarragona. In 1997, De Muller took a crucial step and moved to the farm Mas de Valls in Reus. They managed, among other feats, to transfer the huge foudres of more than 50,000 liters to the new location. Today, in the farmhouse, you can enjoy a day of wine tourism among these huge centenary barrels.

Currently, the De Muller winery has a capacity of 4 million liters and 200 hectares of planted vineyard from which the wines of the DO Tarragona are made. In their estates, both local and foreign varieties can be found: Macabeo, Moscatel de Alejandría, Sauvignon Blanc, Grenache, Chardonnay, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Tempranillo and Pinot Noir.

In total, the company has 10 estates spread over the appellations of DO Tarragona, DOQ Priorat and DO Terra Alta, one of which is the Mas de les Pusses, located in the Priorat region, with 34 hectares of garnacha peluda, Grenache, Syrah, Merlot and Cariñena.

Today, De Muller continues to make sacramental wines using the traditional formula that has brought them fame, and also produces liqueurs, sweet wines and vermouths. The company exports 60% of its production to international markets and is continuously expanding.

A visit to the winery begins with a brief introduction to the company and its long history, followed by a guided tour of the vineyards and then the winery, where you can learn about the methods of wine making and see the barrels where the sacramental wines rest and admire the solera system used for the cellar’s most famous wines.

The tour ends with a tasting of five wines in the fantastic great hall. The whole visit lasts about an hour and a half and costs 6 euros per person.

Also, on request, you can reserve the space for different kinds of events, including the celebration of the famous calçotadas typical of the Tarragona province.

Come and participate in wine tourism at De Muller; book your visit today and savor a unique and memorable experience!

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5 reviews

  1. Sin duda una bodega histórica que sigue elaborando vinos de muy buena factura. La visita te lleva por lugares llenos de belleza. Todo perfecto y muy recomendable.

  2. Nos gustó mucho la visita y el vermut y los vinos muy buenos, la bodega muy bonita

  3. Vermouths per a diferents gustos, tracte inmillorable, la veritat és que és molt aconsellable per a tots…
    Ens han ensenyat les intalacions, explicat la historia i una molt Bona cata…
    Ens ho hem pasat pipa!

  4. Visita molt agradable. Entorn molt ben cuidat. No ens esperavem la qualitat i el tamany de les instal.lacions i tot a tocar de Reus.
    Comte amb l’adreça i el GPS de Google ja que no es correspon amb la real

  5. Todo muy bien

    Nos sentimos muy bien tratados ennuestra visita a la bodega. Amplia gama de vinos. Ellugar aún estando al lado de la autovía es magnífico. La pega es que los días de visita son un poco justos, tuvimos que adaptarnos. Engeneral bien.

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