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Authentic vermouth from Reus
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Miró is a family-owned company that was founded in 1914. Located in Cornudella de Montsant, the winery produces wines and spirits with the traditional varieties of the Montsant area. In 1957, they reached Reus and specialised in the making of vermouth. Since then, the third generation of the family has continued production with its original formulas.

The visit consists of a tour of the Vermut Miró factory where you can learn about the history of the family and the secrets of making vermouths with more than 100 years of history. ©Enoguia

Visits and wine tourism at the Vermuts Miró winery 

• To arrange visit (48 h advance)
• Saturdays at 12 h.
  10€ / 1h 30′
  CA / ES / EN
    3 Vermouths
  2 min – 40 max

Wines and vermouths from the Vermuts Miró winery 

• Vermut Rojo
• Vermut Blanco
• Vermut Extra Dry
• Vermut Reserva
• Reserva Piramidal
• Reserva EN
• Vermut Casero
• Moscatel Miró
• Mistela Miró
• Vino de Misa Miró
• Ranció Miró
• Old Bambola Miró
• Vino de Cocina Miró
• Quinado Miró
• Vermucola

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  1. Visita correcta. Se hecha de menos tener más cercanía y esperaba algo más de tradición, per en general bien para pasar una mañana y conocer los secretos del vermut…

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Adrià Gual, 10 43206 Reus
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