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The legacy of old vines
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Following the legacy of their parents, grandparents and great-grandparents, four wine makers return to their origins in Orto Vins: a time when the wine maker was the person to make wine from his own grapes in his home’s bathtubs. With this spirit and with their old, well-cared-for vines of low production, they produce unique, honest wines that reflect the land they stem from. ©Enoguia

  40.000     24 ha

Visits and wine tourism at the Orto Vins winery 

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Wines from the Orto Vins winery

• Orto Blanc Brisat
• Orto Blanc Flor
• Orto
• Les Comes d’Orto
• Dolç d’Orto Blanc
• Dolç d’Orto Negre
• La Carrerada
• Les Pujoles
• Palell
• Les Tallades de Cal Nicolau

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