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A winery that produces wines with character that reflect the unique terroir of the Priorat region. Terroir al Límit practices relatively non-interventionist viticulture, following the precepts of biodynamic cultivation. Explore the vineyards, which have grapevines of up to 110 years old and which are carefully and passionately cared for. Experience the second revolution of the Priorat. ©Enoguia

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Visits and wine tourism at the Terroir al Límit winery

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Torroja Tasting: 48 €
Taste 7 wines DOQ Priorat + DO Montsant
Gran Crus Tasting: 68 €
Taste 9 wines DOQ Priorat + DO Montsant
Includes the wine Gran Crus.
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Wines and olive oils from the Terroir al Límit winery

• Terra de Cuques
• Arbossar
• Dits del Terra
• Pedra de Guix
• Les Manyes
• Les Tosses
• Cargols Aceite de Oliva
• Terroir Històric
• Terroir sense Fronteres
• Vertebra de la Figuera
• Guix vermell Negre

Terroir al Límit is a winery located in Torroja del Priorat, in the DOQ Priorat region. It was founded in 2003 by Dominik A. Huber, a German entrepreneur, and Eben Sadie, a prestigious oenologist from South Africa.

The philosophy of the winery is non-interventionist, and it aims to highlight the different terroirs in the most natural way possible while practicing biodynamic agriculture that respects the environment. Terroir al Límit is part of the Priorat’s second revolution (the first was led by the pioneers of the 80s).

Dominik discovered a passion for wine and the culinary arts in his youth, when he visited an old Ligurian trattoria. A year later he made a gastronomic trip through Italy with the German chef Karl Ederer, who took him to different traditional restaurants. At the age of twenty-seven he began to study Economics and Marketing, moving between London, Munich and Madrid. He did an internship at the Celler Mas Martinet winery (owned by the Pérez family) in the Priorat. He then worked for a year with the family until he met Eben Sadie in 2001 and decided to start his own business in the world of wine. In 2003, the two partners acquired a small winery in the village of Torroja del Priorat.

Their wines quickly gained a great reputation and production increased significantly. In the following years, Dominik launched the Terroir Històric and Terroir Sense Fronteres series, wines of great finesse and elegance produced with local varieties under the DO Montsant appellation.

By 2012, Dominik was heading the business alone, continuing to produce organic and biodynamic wines. He considers himself an artisan, and has always understood the world of wine as a quest to weave together intellectuality, sensitivity and manual work.

In 2017 he inaugurated Historical Cal Compte, a 16th century rural house renovated for wine tourism. Here he offers guided tours to explore the region, wine tastings and dinners paired with his wines.

Dominik practices biodynamic agriculture and ageing in concrete tanks or amphorae as alternatives to oak. The local varieties that predominate on the Terroir al Límit estates are garnatxa and cariñena. Some of the estates have vines that are over 60 years old that produce highly concentrated fruit, rich in flavor and clearly influenced by the Mediterranean climate. The wines from Terroir al Límit are light and transparent, made with the intention of complementing food. In fact, they are best enjoyed in the company of family and friends, as is typical in southern Europe. In order to achieve this level of transparency in the wines, completely organic and strictly manual agriculture practiced.

The Terroir al Límit team is made up of talented people from different backgrounds who share a vision for the region and the same passion for sustainable agriculture. It is a team that belongs to a new generation committed to organic viticulture.

Terroir al Límit also produces olive oil, which is also 100% organic. The trees produce little fruit but of exquisite quality. Harvesting is carried out completely by hand. The finest olives are collected from centenary olive trees using traditional methods and pressed manually on the very same day in order to preserve their pristine flavor.

Come and experience wine tourism at the Terroir al Límit winery – one of the few wineries to practice biodynamic agriculture in harmony with the environment and with Mediterranean culture.

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  1. Algo q quiero destacar sin los blancos, muy recomendables y excelentes, puesto q no abundan mucho el el priorat. La visita muy interesante, vinificacion en depositos d cemento y otras partucularidades a descubrir

  2. Lavisita no defrauda. Sin duda es unade las bodegas jóvenes del priorat que nos ofrecen vinos de esta DO diferentes a los hasta ahora conocidos, algo más domesticados fruto de una segunda hornada de apasionados del vino posterior a los René Barbier y compañía.

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