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Limited-edition organic wines
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A small, family-run winery that has been involved in viniculture since the 18th century. It makes ecologically certified limited-edition wines. Enjoy a tasting session in its vineyards, tackle a rural breakfast and discover the chores of the country. They also make their own organic oil: Arrels d’en Pep. © Enoguia©Enoguia

  15.000      8 ha

Visits and wine tourism at the Solà Classic winery

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• 2 wines: 9€
• 3 wines + vineyards: 14€
• 4 wines + breakfast: 24€

Wines from the Solà Classic winery 

• Vinyes Josep
• Lo Peix
• 1777 Rojo
• 1777 Azul
• Solà Classic
• Vinyes Teresa
• Olive Oil Arrels d’en Pep

Solà Classic is a small family winery committed to organic production, and based in the village of Bellmunt del Priorat in the DOQ Priorat region.

The winery was founded in 2005 and is located in one of the largest estates in all the Priorat, Mas Hereu, which dates back to 1777. In honor of the same, the winery makes a range of wines under the label 1777. The estate is perfect for wine tourism: 22 hectares, of which 8 are planted with local varieties such as garnatxa peluda and cariñena. Some of these vineyards are over 70 years old and though their yield is low, it is compensated by fruit is of very high quality.

The low yields are largely due to the rocky soil of Priorat made up of llicorella, a type of slate that makes the soil dry and difficult to work. The climate of the Priorat is not much help either, characterized by extreme temperatures with very cold winters and very hot summers, low rainfall and little humidity. These conditions slow down the ripening of the vines, resulting in highly concentrated fruit.

Solà Classic wines are elaborated using traditional manual methods so as to conserve the essence and history of the Priorat. All the wines are made exclusively from the Mas Hereu vineyards and are 100% organic.

The Barceló family is a pioneer in opening one of the first wine tourism farmhouses in the region. They offer three options for wine tourism. The basic visit consists in tasting three wines, and the second option includes a visit to the vineyards, a tour of the cellar and a tasting of 4 wines.

The third option involves a traditional farmer’s breakfast in the vineyards accompanied by the tasting of 5 wines and, subsequently, a visit to the winery.

During your visit or stay, if you wish, you can learn about and participate in the tasks of the vineyards and winery, from pruning and harvesting to labeling the bottles.

Visit Solà Classic and enjoy a unique and customized enotourist experience, immersing yourself in the day-to-day life of a small Priorat winery.

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3 reviews

  1. bodega pequeña y entrañable. ideal para conocer de cerca al productor y saber de primera mano como se vinifica en el priorat. vinos muy interesantes, con cuerpo, au´tentico priorat.

  2. Visita muy recomendable.

    Visita muy recomendable. La bodega es muy pequeña, un edificio en el centro del pueblo de varias alturas donde realizan prácticamente todos los procesos. Producción muy limitada y vinos difíciles de encontrar en barcelona, por lo que es recomendable comprarlos en la propia bodega.
    Visita ideal para complementar con la visita al museu de las minas. Nosotros lo hicimos en turno de tarde.

  3. Como el primer día.

    Hace mucho tiempo de la visita y seguimos recordando la pasión de las explicaciones y la calidad de sus vinos. Visitamos la bodega familiar donde Toni, responsable de la bodega nos explicó todo como si fuera su primer día.
    A nuestra vuelta comimos en el Mas Trucafort, llegando ya a Falset, un lugar perfecto para comer carne a la brasa.

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