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DO Conca de Barberà
Family tradition among vineyards and memories
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This winery has its own harvest, limited-production organic wines, and full control of the entire process in order to guarantee its wines’ quality.

  180.000     1.000 L     34 ha

Visits and wine tourism at the Josep Foraster winery

• Monday to Friday: 10 to 14 h – 16 to 19 h
• Weekend 10 to 14h

• Visit + wine tasting (4 wines): 10€
• Visit + pairing lunch : 20€ (children 10€)
  CA / ES / EN / FR
   4 Wines
 2 min – 50 max
  Visit vineyards

Wines and olive oil from the Josep Foraster winery

• Josep Foraster Nanos Blanc
• Josep Foraster Nanos Negre
• Josep Foraster Nanos Rosat
• Josep Foraster Blanc Brisat del Coster
• Josep Foraster Blanc Selecció
• Josep Foraster Les Gallinetes
• Josep Foraster Criança
• Josep Foraster Criança Magnum
• Josep Foraster Selecció
• Josep Foraster Trepat
• Josep Foraster Trepat Magnum
• Josep Foraster Trepat Julieta
• Josep Foraster Trepat Pep
• Josep Foraster Cava Brut Rosat Trepat
• Josep Foraster Oli d’Oliva Verge Extra 50cl
• Josep Foraster Oli d’Oliva Verge Extra 5L

The Foraster family has run this estate for over 150 years. Three generations have already dedicated their lives to viticulture. They practice organic agriculture in line with their respect for nature and their desire to protect the local environment and preserve it for future generations.

All visits to the winery are led by a member of the family, which offers a personal touch to visitors who want to practice enotourism. At the entrance to the winery there is a small museum where you can see perfectly-restored traditional tools used by the Foraster family in the field. This way they preserve their origins and the work of their ancestors.

The winery as we know it today was conceived of in 1998. In that year the family began to make and bottle wine from the grapes they previously used to sell in bulk.

The winery currently has 34 hectares and produces 160,000 bottles a year. Recently, the family has created a line of very young wines called Els Nanos (the dwarves), ideal for attracting newer generations to the world of wine.

Another pillar of the Josep Foraster cellars are the wines made from autochthonous trepat grapes. This is a variety that, until a few years ago, had been scorned and largely forgotten. Thanks to the efforts of a few wineries in the DO Conca de Barberà region, it has now gained its due and is recognized as one of the distinguishing features of this appellation.

The winery also produces olive oil from the arbequina variety.

The visit begins with a walk through the vineyards, followed by a visit to the grape reception area and the vinification room, which used to be an old henhouse. We then move on to the ageing room with concrete eggs and French oak barrels, a quiet room where the wine sleeps and which gives off the typical smell of oak wood from the barrels.

We offer different visit formats: you can visit the winery and taste either two or four wines. We also offer the option of a country breakfast with typical products from the area (bread with tomato and olive oil, a variety of local sausages and cheeses, olives, almonds…), all paired with our Josep Foraster wines.

We propose two options for rounding off your day after the visit: from the winery you can take the GR-171 route and visit the nearby Sant Josep hermitage. Once at the chapel, you can continue for another 2.5 kilometers until you reach the Cascada de la Vall waterfall.

Another option is a cultural tour of the historic centre of Montblanc and along the old patrol path on the walls. The tour includes food tastings accompanied by wine from the DO Conca de Barberà in various establishments around the town. Reservations can be made at the Montblanc Tourist Office.

As you can see, the proposals for wine tourism and experiences at Josep Foraster are unique!

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5 reviews

  1. Jornada deliciosa con un vino con caracter

    Una aventura más de la mano de Enoguía, en este caso el Mas Foraster. Una mezcla exacta entre una cuidada organizaciòn y momentos de relax. Nos acercamos al Mas caminando, nos impregnamos de los olores y colores de las viñas. Degustamos un vino con caracter. Una jornada deliciosa.

    No os digo que os lo recomiendo, más bien opino que es un “must” si quieres conocer el vino de la zona.

  2. Mercat de vins ????????

    Vam conversar molt amablment amb els propietaris al seu estand a la Fira de vins de Montblanc i són uns vins fantàstics. Ens queda ara anar al celler.????

  3. Conociendo el trepat

    Fuimos a Montblanc y nos recomendaron esta bodega. Reservamos directamente con la Enoguia y todo fue rodado.
    Éramos 3 parejas y nos decantamos por hacer la cata con desayuno. Visitamos las instalaciones y seguimos todas las explicaciones de Josep sin problema, pues te lo explican todo de forma muy clara.
    Tras la visita, hora de comprar el trepat, la desconocida variedad de la zona, por lo menos para mi… y nos llevamos una muy buena impresión.

  4. Un trato de tú a tú

    Todo lo que se pueda decir de esta bodega será poco. Un trato familiar y directo, de tú a tú, sin sentirse por encima de ti, como me ha ocurrido en otras visitas a bodegas ‘más famosas’. Gente llana y cercana que te explica su proyecto con las ganas de cuando sus antepasados empezaron. Muy concienciados en mantener vivo el espíritu de las anteriores generaciones y las visita de aquella que quieres que nunca se acabe.
    Nosotros hicimos la visita y la cata de 4 vinos. Nos quedamos con ganas de probar algo más!
    Para los peques de la casa tienen mosto, me parece una buena idea!!

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