Celler Mas Doix winery

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Centennial Grenache and Carignan
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Mas Doix produces wine with Grenache and Carignan grapes that were replanted in 1902 and are a true reflection of the personality slate provides. Fresh, elegant wines with a subtle minerality are the soul of a family that has worked these lands for five generations. Come and discover the secrets of their hundred-year-old vines of extremely limited production. ©Enoguia

  50.000     18 ha

Visits and wine tourism at the Celler Mas Doix winery 

To arrange visit. For a minimum of 2 persons.
• Closed Sundays and holidays.

• Cellar + walk + wine tasting 3 wines: 30€ / 1h
Cellar + walk + wine tasting 5 wines: 40€ / 1:15h
Cellar + walk + wine tasting 7 wines: 80€ / 1:30h

Additional fee
• Tasting of old vintages: 50€

  CA / ES / EN / FR / IT
  1 min – 12 max
  Visit vineyards

Wines from the Celler Mas Doix winery

• 1902
• 1903
• Doix
• Salenques
• Les Crestes
• Murmuri

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2 reviews

  1. Va està una visita expectacul-lar , tant a Lourdes com a mi es va encantar . Un salut a Blanca per la seva amabilitat i la gran professionalitat que tè !! El lloc es increible a peus del Montsant i les VINS……….. de 10 Noóoo, de Dios !!!!! BONIIIISSIIINNNSSSSS, gracies per la amabilitat en tot moment per part de Valentí.

  2. Amazing landscapes and best wines! thanks for all

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