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DO Montsant
Handcrafted wines in a family cellar
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A small family-run winery that makes DO Montsant and DOQ Priorat wines from its own vineyards. During the visit you will be able to explore the vineyards, get to know the winery’s traditional production processes and finally taste their excellent wines. ©Enoguia

  10.000     6 ha

Visits and wine tourism at the Celler Noguerals winery 

  To arrange visit. Only weekends
  8€ / 1h30′
  CA / ES / EN
   2 Wines
  2 min – 8 max
  Visit vineyards

Wines from the Celler Noguerals winery

• Corbatera (DO Montsant)
• Abellars (DOC Priorat)
• Tití (DOC Priorat)

Celler Nougerals is a third-generation Priorat winery, and one of the smallest cellars where traditional wine tourism is still possible.

It was founded in 1999 in the center of Cornudella by Ramon Alzamora, an experienced viticulturist, and his son, also called Ramon. This small, traditional winery is an exceptional example of a family-run cellar, as it was set up inside the family’s own house. They believed that this way they could manage all the tasks of winemaking, both those of the vineyard and those of the winery itself, such as ageing in the bottle, which was done in an old bread oven specially fitted out for this function.

In 2008, the Alzamora family decided to go a step further and rehabilitated their old barn, next to the family vineyards, transforming it into the new winery and thus aiding the winemaking process by concentrating all their facilities on the same estate.

The vineyards of Celler Noguerals are divided between two appellations: the DO Monstant and the DOQ Priorat. In the Monstant massif, at the foot of the Roca Corbatera, the family has one and a half hectares of black Grenache and Cabernet Sauvignon, with which they make 3,000 bottles of Corbatera wine. In La Morera de Montsant, within the Priorat territory, they own four hectares of black Grenache, Cariñena, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah, with which they make 6,500 bottles of Abellars wine.

A visit to the estate consists of visiting the vineyards and the winery, where the wines are handcrafted, with the wine makers as your guides, and includes a tasting of the house wines, 75% of which are exported.

Visits can only be made on weekends, with prior reservation and for a maximum of eight people.

If you are interested in wine tour in DO Montsant and DO Priorat, visit Celler Noguerals: the small-scale, traditional family winery that will not disappoint.

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2 reviews

  1. Cercania del productor

    Hace tiempo de nuestra visita, pero queria dejar constancia de lo bien que fuimos atendidos descubriendo los vinos del priorat y montsant. Bodega muy pequeña pero que vale muhcho la pena.
    En BCN donde puedo comprar los vninos?

    1. Buenos días Adele,
      Por mail te vamos a enviar el teléfono directo del bodeguero y su mail para que contactes directamente con él.
      Nos alegramos de tu experiencia positiva durante la visita.
      ¡Salud y vino!

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