Route of the Dry Stone of Capçanes

Discover the dry stone construction
Walls, cabins, corrals, shelters, beehive huts...
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 Duration: 2:00h + 1:30h (visit & wine tasting)
 Distance: 6,2 km (circular route)
 Difficulty: Low
 Slope: 180 m

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Capçanes Visit to the Cooperativa Route de la Pedra Seca Dinner Capçanes 

Route of the Dry Stone of Capçanes

We will go on a different kind of wine tourism hike. We will start our trip, visiting the DO Montsant region by train. We will take Cercanías (suburban train) line R15 to get us as close as possible to the Capçanes station. There we will visit the Cooperativa de Capçanes and we will learn about the production process used to produce their famous Kosher wine (Jewish wine). After tasting their wines, we will set out on the Piedra Seca route.

00′. We start heading into the town, walking along Llaberia street. We stay on this street until we leave the village and enter some crop fields. We continue along a cement pathway. To our right, we pass a trail that leads to the La Vall ravine.

10′.  We cross over the Capçanes stream. We advance down a path that goes parallel with the stream and after just a few metres we turn off on to a track on our right. The path starts to rise sharply.

20′. The rural pathway snakes up the mountainside and we see the first marking. We go a few metres off the trail to see the Cocó (cistern) de Cal Ximo. We return to the main pathway.

25′. We stay on this path for another 150 metres and then go right when we reach a fork. Later, when we are returning to the village, we will take the trail that goes to the left. As we continue up the rising trail, we will come across various different dry stone edifications.

50′. The trail continues to rise, having occasional cement surfaced segments before it enters woodland area. When we reach the Ca la Marina hut, which is situated in a clearing amongst the vineyards, we will begin making our way back, but not before stopping for about 25 minutes to have something to eat.

1h 15′. Back on the pathway, we descend a few metres down the path and take a trail that turns off to the right. We get to an area with a maximum accumulation of dry stone works: cabins, shelters, lime kilns, margins, corrals are just some of the sights we will see.

1h 30′. After hiking for a little over 1 km, on a trail that is brim-full of dry stone edifications, the path merges back with the one we were on earlier. In order to arrive back at our starting point, the only thing we need to do is follow this path.

2h. We reach Capçanes and head back to the railway platform to take the 17:56 suburban train.

– Tour of the Capçanes winery with running commentary and tasting of 3 wines: 10 €
– Food: bring your own. We will bring sandwiches and water (or wine).
– Train ticket: 5,60 € (outward trip) + 5,60 € (return trip).

Stations and Timetables – Suburban train R15:
• 9:03 h: Barcelona Sans
• 9:48 h: Sant Vicenç de Calders
• 9:56 h: Torredembarra
• 10:00 h: Altafulla
• 10:09 h: Tarragona
• 10:17 h: Vila-Seca
• 10:27 h: Reus
• 11:07 h: Capçanes

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