Vinyes del Terrer

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Unique wines at sea level
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A family-owned winery located on a unique estate at sea level with chalky clay-like soil that gives its wines a fresh, mineral character. The whole wine making process is kept manual, to ensure that the wines reflect the quality of the estate. The tasting room offers excellent views and affords you the opportunity to enjoy wine in peace. ©Enoguia

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• Blanc del Terrer
• Nus del Terrer Blanco
• Nus del Terrer
• Terrer d’Aubert
• Terrenal d’Aubert Dolç
• Terrenal d’Aubert Ranci

The Vinyes del Terrer winery is on an estate located practically at sea level, within the DO Tarragona region. It is an oasis in the highly built-up and populated landscape of the Costa Daurada, a winery in the midst of nature, the perfect place for wine tourism among vineyards and olive trees.

It was founded in 1989, although agricultural activity on the estate dates back four generations. The current owner of the winery – Eduard’s – great grandfather was the one who began to cultivate the land. During the 1950s the vineyard was replanted with hazelnut trees, but the following generation of the family decided to return to vines. Eduard’s father guessed that the future lay not in merely selling grapes, and decided to make and bottle wine with the help of his son. They knew this meant entering complicated terrain because they had no experience, but with great tenacity and effort they managed to bring out a limited edition of the first vintage that was very well received in the market.

During the visit Eduard will explain how the winery has evolved and the improvements made to the production system over the years, regaling you with stories of his experiences. The family learned to produce quality wine through research and observation. Using trial and error, their agricultural techniques have greatly improved and the visible results will not leave visitors indifferent.

One of the defining characteristics of the winery is its singular terroir. The estate is made up of lumaquela, a calcareous-clay soil containing marine fossils that collected over thousands of years, when the entire area was located was under the sea. This particular terrain gives the wines their unique personality.

Your visit begins with a walk through the vineyards and then into the winery, where you can see the large 5,000 litre truncated cone barrels. “With these dimensions, the wood contributes less to the wine and we avoid masking its aromas, while intensifying the fruity and primary bouquets,” says Eduard.

Your wine tour will continue in the ageing room, located underground, where we will be able to see the types of oak barrels used: French and American. Finally, you will move to the tasting room, located in the highest part of the winery: a large and bright space overlooking a sea of vineyards, with a view in profile of the Dragon Khan from the nearby Port Aventura.

In this comfortable space, you will take part in the wine tasting, discovering some unique wines from the DO Tarragona while enjoying a pleasant conversation with the driving force behind the Vinyes del Terrer project.

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