Enoturismo en el valle de La Fou

DO Montsant
Biodynamic viticulture in a unique valley
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 Duration: 4:30h + 2:00h (visit & wine tasting)
 Distance: 19,5 km
 Difficulty: Medium
 Slope: 615 m

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 Marçà  Capçanes  Vinyes Domènech  La Fou  Marçà


Our route starts in the small town of Marçà. Comfortably we will arrive at Capçanes where we will take the path of the valley to reach the Vinyes Domènech winery. The winery is located in a protected natural area where they elaborate their wines in an ecological way and following the biodynamic precepts. We will practice wine tourism at the same time we will know how wines of excellent quality are elaborated within the DO Montsant.

After the visit we will continue advancing until we reach La Fou, from where we will start the return to our starting point, Marçà, following the Camino del Ricorb.

00:00 h. We start the ‘Wines and Ways‘ exit from Marçà. We have left the cars parked in the town, in front of the building of the cooperative, and we move along the Baixada de la Font street. We turn right into Calle Major and continue along Calle de la Bassa leaving the town through the PR de la Miloquera.

00:15 h. The path reaches the Marçà stream. We crossed it by a footbridge and now we move parallel to Els Estrets.

00:50 h. After a stretch of path that we have made through the dry riverbed, we reach the old aqueduct. Photo of rigor and we follow the path.

01:15 h. Arrival at the town of Capçanes. We enter the street of Les Eres to the church of the town to continue down the street de Sol and leave the town.

01:20 h. We now take the PR-C 92 Camí de la Vall trail (yellow and white markings) that advances comfortably between fields.

02:00 h. We arrive at the Tollets de la Sendal. Miraculously they have water. We make a stop to have breakfast and bathe in the pools. Now we will follow the GR-7 brands.

02:20 h. We left the GR-7 momentarily to enter the vineyards of Vinyes Domènech winery, where the owner waits for the visit for his fantastic ‘terroir’ and then taste their wines, as well as knowing the history of an emblematic winery of the Denomination of Origin Montsant.

02:30 h. After the visit we start again going back to the path and passing next to the ill-fated hotel of Mas Collet (now abandoned) in the direction of the valley bottom and parallel to the Vall ravine.

02:50 h. After crossing a chain, we continue advancing by asphalted track until we reach the area known as La Fou. Here a dam channels and captures water for the town of Capçanes. It is the perfect area to eat.

02:55 h. We continue advancing along the road leaving behind La Fou to pass next to the Mas (house) de la Vall. Now the road is becoming more and more steep.

03:45 h. Mas de l’Olla and a few meters at the crossroads, we continue to the right, towards the Mas del Calàs and its wide area of ​​vineyards located at more than 500 meters of altitude. This is our highest point of the entire tour.

03:50 h. Indicator stick we leave the track to take a Local Trail (green and white marks). It’s the Camí de Ricorb. The trail goes down hard and is somewhat stony.

04:10 h. The path has now become forest track. We will advance about 800 meters to leave it and take again a path to the left.

04:20 h. We arrive at the Toll de la Pallissa and its stone bridge. The space has a natural pool ideal for a swim and to refresh. There is also a picnic area.

04:30 h. Continue parallel to the stream of Marçà to take a track to the right and reach the town, passing before a section of asphalt road and entering the street of Reus.

Note: times are always approximate and don’t take into account the 2-hour stop in the warehouse. Making the exit alone or with a large group can greatly alter the partial times and the final total. 


– Visit and wine tasting: 15 €.



Discover wineries by walking through some wonderful landscapes.

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