Horse carriage route, Tarragona

A rural experience
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Now you can discover nature in a different way, breathing fresh air while they take you by car and discover an activity where the main protagonist is you and the horses.

Get on the back of this rural experience, take the reins and advance through landscapes domesticated by the hand of man, near the town of Nulles in Alt Camp.

Horse-drawn carriage routes are activities for all ages, where the little ones will enjoy a day that they will remember forever. An adventure where you will connect with nature and learn all the secrets of driving a real car, how to brake, how to steer the horse… We will also teach you to communicate with the horses. A unique rural experience.

The route by car in Tarragona begins at the Cooperativa de Nulles and its modernist building, considered a Wine Cathedral, to travel the rural roads of its surroundings, strolling through fields of vineyards. This activity takes place in Tarragona and with it you can once again connect with nature and discover an ancient form of transport now almost forgotten.

We visit the Iberian site of Rabassats from the 3rd century BC, where we can see what a farm looked like more than 2,300 years ago. We will pass through the small and beautiful village of Casafort and finally our route ends again at the Catedral del Vino, the cooperative of Nulles.

On our carriage route through Tarragona on horseback we have the option of visiting the Nulles Wine Cathedral and discovering its centenary wineries while we stroll through the immense vats and contemplate the surprising architecture of Cèsar Martinell, known as the architect of wine, for his experience in carrying out winery projects.

They carry out all kinds of activities in Tarragona that include horse and carriage rides, wine tasting and cheese pairing… and at the end, you can get a car driver’s license!

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Family horse cart adventure
Horse carriage route + visit Iberian site of Rabassats
  18,5€ / 1h 15′
  6 min.

Wine tourism in horse and horse carriage
Horse carriage route + tasting + local products
  28€ / 2h 15′
  6 min.

Adernats Experience
Horse-drawn carriage route + cooperative visit + tasting + local products
  28€ / 2h 15′
  6 min.

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  1. ????visita diferente a la catedral de nulles… muy divertida

  2. Experiencia muy divertida, sobre todo por que te enseñan a llevarlo y es muy entretenido si vas con niños puesto que lo disfrutan mucho. gracias por la recomendacion Enoguia

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