The Old Bridge of Cabaces

A unique medieval bridge
A unique medieval bridge
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In order to visit the Old Bridge of Cabaces, you first have to reach the town of Cabacés and from there keep on going for about 4 km along the T-702 road, at which point you will encounter this marvellous mediaeval bridge.

Other sources suggest that it may be of Roman origin, although most historians believe it is mediaeval and probably built in the 12th century as part of the wheat route from the area of Aragon to Barcelona.

The bridge stretches across the Montsant river in a stylized way and its ashlars are strategically placed on top of large rocks through which the streambed flows. The entire structure is made of white stone and it is possible to see the marks of the stonemasons who made them in order to charge for each carved stone.

It has three semicircular arched openings, the central one being the one with the largest span. You can also see the buttresses that reinforce the structure facing the direction of the river current. It is 38 metres long with a height of 6 metres above the streambed. It is possible to go through a 10 km route that will take us from the bridge to the Foradada and back to the bridge.

After a visit to the Old Bridge of Cabaces, and if you think that might be right up your alley, you can enjoy tasting proximity products on either the Mas de les Vinyes winery or the Miró Cubells oil mill.

The Mas de les Vinyes winery is located in the midst of nature and is surrounded by the vineyards and fruit trees that the family carefully cultivates. It is an ideal place to visit with children, as you will be able to let them run around the fields while you taste the wines and learn from the owner how they are made to be so special.

Are you familiar with the arbequina, rojal and negret varieties? During your visit to the Miró Cubells oil mill you will have the opportunity to discover them and to learn how to tell them apart. You will also see how some oils are produced in an organic and certified way. Moreover, you will be able to walk among olive trees, some of them millenary, and then go to the mill to learn about the different production processes and to taste some of their oils while enjoying lunch.

Apart from olive oil and wine tourism, in Cabacés you can visit the chapel of La Foia and the Miquel Montagud Municipal Museum, which exhibits reproductions of El Greco and originals by Miquel Montagud himself, a painter who retired to Cabacés.

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