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A family-run winery that embodies the purest essence of the Priorat region. During your visit to Clos Figueras, pioneering winery you will see its astonishing ageing room and sample its wines and olive oils in the restaurant located inside.

To round off a wonderful experience, you can spend the night in one of the rooms above the winery.  Reserve here: Clos Figueras B&B. ©Enoguia

  30.000     1.000 L     15 ha

Visits and wine tourism at the Clos Figueras winery

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Wines and olive oils at the Clos Figueras winery

• Clos Figueres
• Font de la Figuera
• Font de la Figuera Blanc
• Serras del Priorat
• Sweet
• Clos Figueras Olive Oil

Clos Figueras is a pioneering winery of the Priorat region. It is located in the town of Gratallops, within the DOQ Priorat, which is the only appellation in Spain (along with the DOC Rioja) to be recognized as a “qualified designation of origin”.

Here, you will discover a family winery that starred in the first phases of the Priorat’s rebirth. The history of Clos Figueras is the history of the transformation of a territory that had been all but forgotten – a region now converted into a paradise for lovers of quality wines that are more than a match for the most legendary wines in the world.

The winery was founded by Cristopher Cannan. He previously owned a wine export company in Bordeaux and, on a visit to New York, met Álvaro Palacios, an oenologist from La Rioja who introduced him to René Barbier. It was Barbier who encouraged Cannan to visit the Priorat and see for himself its enormous potential. This was in the eighties, a time when the Priorat was still underdeveloped and producing wine there was difficult and economically unviable. That was why Cannan and Barbier were very clear that what they wanted to do was quality, not quantity. They believed this would be the only way forward for the region.

In 1989, Clos Figueras produced its first wine – in a chicken farm and surrounded by friends – using typical Priorat grape varieties such as garnacha and cariñena, which they harvested from very old vines, some of them a hundred years old. This was the first step on a path that would bring the international recognition that has positioned Priorat wines among the world’s elite.

Gratallops is a village of 220 inhabitants and – believe it or not – 23 wineries! Walking through the village means constantly coming across wine cellars, some of which are open to the public. In the case of the Clos Figueras winery, it is necessary to book your visit in advance.

The winery offers many options and different wine tourism experiences. They have been involved in wine tourism for many years and allow visitors to put forward ideas for their own visits.

As for the range of possibilities, first you have the classic tasting, which includes four wines: Serras del Priorat, Clos Figueres and Font de la Figuera (red and white). During the visit, you will discover the underground cellar – previously a water tank – where the wine is now aged.

There is also a restaurant on the premises. In the calçotada season (November to April, when a seasonal variety of spring onion is grilled and eaten with a special dip) you can have a gourmet meal, including organic calçots and other vegetables from the garden. The set menu includes your visit to the winery and a wine tasting. There is also the possibility of staying overnight in the restored first floor above the winery.

Throughout the year there are activities in the village, such as Tast de Dones (a tasting arranged by and for women), farmers’ markets offering ecological products and handmade artifacts, etc: a variety of activities to suit all tastes and types.

Come to the DOQ Priorat, enjoy innovative wine tourism, and experience this internationally recognized region’s rich cultural and social variety.

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6 reviews

  1. Todo redondo… nos hizo un dia redondo, sin una nube, mucho calor pero por suerte en la bodega se estaba fresquito en pleno agosto. el lugar fantastico… a ver si volvemos para dormir en las habitaciones.

  2. fantástica visita a la bodega subterranea. la cata fantastica. impresión muy buena de lss vinos catados y la terraza del restaurnate con su comida francamente perfecto todo. 5 estrellas!

  3. Hicimos visita a bodega y cata. Disfrutamos mucho con las explicaciones de Miquel. Estábamos tan a gusto que decidimos comer allí también. Día redondo. Descubrimos un lugar muy agradable, bebimos buen vino y nos trataron estupendamente.Muy recomendable.

  4. Nos quedamos a dormir en el hotelito encima de la bodega. Todo fue fantastico y pudimos visitar la bodega situada en los bajos y hacer la cata de vinon en el restaurante clos figueras. Un dia redondo.

  5. Fuimos hasta gratallops para pasar un día visitando bodegas y después de la visita a Cal Batllet y conocer la bodega de Clos figueras,llegó la hora de la calçotada. Comimos calçots, parrillada de verduras y carnes a la brasa. Todo espectaucular.

  6. Visita especial y amena. La bodega es un antiguo depósito de agua totalmente adecuada. La bodega es una antigua granja restaurada con mucho mimo y cuidado, y mención a parte merece el restaurante con productos de la zona y una excelente carta de vinos, como es lógico!

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